Simply Seven: Charles Street, Boston

One of my regular places to shop in Boston, Massachusetts is Charles Street in Beacon Hill. If you are ever visiting Boston, I would highly suggest Charles Street as a place to visit and explore.  This week on Simply Seven I thought it would be great to share my favorite cafes, restaurants and stores along Charles Street. Last week, one of my best friends, Shannon, was in Boston and asking me for tips on where she should go around the city. While Newbury Street is a classic and I love the restaurants in the South End, I thought that the quaint streets of Beacon Hill would be perfect. Continue reading to have a city guide to Charles Street in Boston. 


  1. Start your day at Tatte Bakery. Be prepared to snap an instagram due to the perfect interior design that melds a modern feel with collected antiques. With five locations throughout Boston this is a cult favorite. My go-to order is the Avocado Tartine for brunch and the Vegetable Tart for lunch. If your looking for a treat and want to go all out the Breakfast Sandwich is delicious. And then of course a mocha latte or cold brew is a must. 
  2. Walk next door to shop at Dress a well curated boutique that includes some of my favorite designers, Clare V., Current Elliott, Emerson Fry, Lizzie Fortunato, and Loeffler Randall. I can always find countless pieces that I would die to have in my closet, the problem is restraining myself from not buying every single thing. 
  3. Pop across Charles Street and go to Follain, a premier boutique that sells a curated collection of natural and chemical free skincare and beauty products. Pick up a new shampoo, a wonderful sugar scrub,  a new skincare routine and a great lipstick.  As we know, I am attempting to be a natural skincare convert, so Follain is one of my go-to spots. 
  4. Continue down Charles Street and check out North River Outfitters. You may be in New England but are you dressed for the occasion? NRO sells all the preppy items that you or your man's closet could need. 
  5. Next door to NRO is my favorite juice bar, Pressed Boston. A local favorite where you can get everything from cold pressed juices, smoothies and other yummy bites. 
  6. As you move down Charles Street go into Good.  A boutique that offers unique jewelry, accessories and home products. From my favorite Farmhouse Pottery for your kitchen to beautiful simple jewelry. 
  7. Lastly, the restaurants on Charles Street don’t disappoint. For a more elaborate dinner, Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro is the place to go. But if you want something a bit more relaxed, head to Figs, for gourmet pizza from chef Tod English. 

There you have it, a curated list of seven places to visit while you are on vacation in Boston. From cafes to boutiques, these stops are truly the best of the best! Do you have an favorites on Charles Street that we missed? Let us know in the comments below. 

Get Organized: UnRoll.Me

MY DESK:     MacBook Air,     Wireless Mouse,    Diptyque Mimosa,     Diptyque Jasmin,     Diptyque Gardenia,    Il Papiro Pen Holder. 

MY DESK:     MacBook Air,     Wireless Mouse,    Diptyque Mimosa,     Diptyque Jasmin,     Diptyque Gardenia,    Il Papiro Pen Holder. 

How many times do you check your email a day? In 2016, it seems that everyone has multiple email accounts and a day without email gives me anxiety. Like text messages, I seem to live and breath email. When I am working, I would so much rather email someone than pick up the phone and call someone. (Is that a product of being a millennial, maybe?) Be it on my phone or on my computer, I must check my email at least five times a day. However, the tricky thing is how much varied information and levels of importance there is between emails. One email might tell you to check in for your upcoming flight while the next email might be junk mail from a store. So how do we sort through all these emails efficiently? 

Let me introduce you to, UnRoll.Me.  Be prepared for this to change your life...that could be a bit dramatic... but it will surely change your email routines. UnRoll.Me will help you unsubscribe from all those mass emails you've racked up over the years and then also consolidate emails that you still want to be subscribed too. Simply, sign up using your email. UnRoll.Me will then sort through your email and see how many email lists you are on, if you are a shopper like me, that number will most likely be pretty high. Once UnRoll.Me discovers what emails you get, you can scroll through and unsubscribe from that email newsletter or you can add that newsletter to your 'Roll Up.' This is where the magic happens, all of these emails then get consolidated and instead of clogging up your inbox they get grouped together in one singular email that will come from UnRoll.Me. 

Think about those J.Crew, Shopbop and Net-A-Porter emails you get daily. Or the blogs you subscribe to (do you subscribe to Simply Elegant.) Start using UnRoll.Me to keep your daily email count to a minimum but still being able to have access to all those emails (hello promo codes!) I have been suing UnRoll.Me for over a year and it makes a word of difference. By weeding out those shopping and promotional emails, I am able to have increased focus on work and personal emails. Do you get overwhelmed by your email inbox? This could be the perfect solution. 


Are you wondering what the 'Roll Up' looks like? Here is mine from early this week. A simple preview of each email that I can then click through to see more or visit the connected website. 

The Intern: Set Design with Nancy Meyers

Have you seen the latest Nancy Meyers movie, The Intern, with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. I recently watched the movie and my favorite part was the interior and set design, from a beautiful Brooklyn Brownstone and an amazing office space. Other movies by Nancy Meyers include Somethings Gotta Give, The Holiday and It's Complicated. So after those movies, it is no surprise that the interior design for The Intern was equally beautiful. The set was based in  a renovated brownstone in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. (Clearly I am having a moment with Brooklyn brownstones.) The home has a mixture of historic elements and modern updates. From high ceilings, detailed molding and an ornate mantel to a modern kitchen with exposed shelving. 

Photos by Francois Duhamel via Architectural Digest. 


Off to Harbour Island

Today I am headed off to Harbour Island for a few days with my mom for vacation. Have you ever been to Harbour Island before? We went for the first time last year after countless suggestions from many friends. The small island is in the Bahamas near Eleuthera and it is just beautiful! We are a big golf family, but there is no golf on the island, so my mom and I love that you can simply just relax and stop. I can't wait to relax on the beach, catch up on my reading list, sleep in late and just enjoy.  


All these images are from our trip to Harbour Island last year. Be sure to follow @SimplyElegantBlog on instagram or follow me on snapchat: nan.philip for some scenes from our trip. I will be sure to share more images when I return and perhaps a Simply Seven Guide to Harbour Island as well! 

Images by Nan for Simply Elegant Blog

02. 06. 16

Happy weekend! I have had such a great week at home in Florida, a wonderful change from the winter weather in Vermont. After a busy weekend in Dallas it was great to have a simple week at home. I shared a glimpse into our home over on instagram. If you read Simply Elegant often, than you know that blue and white is my favorite color combination. My mom clearly shares this same love for blue and white, like mother, like daughter! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, here a few links from around the web below. 

  • Is it spring yet? One of my favorite flowers for the spring are ranunculus. How pretty are the pale pink blooms in the image above?
  • I am happy to be home for the week in Florida. Shared a little sneak of our house on instagram.  You could say my mom shares my love for blue and white. 
  • Have you all tried any Korean Beauty Products? I have been reading about them non-stop and decided it was finally time to make some purchases. My friend Jimin uses a sheet mask from Cremorlab every week and says she loves it. So I headed over to Peach & Lily (a well curated site of Korean Beauty Products) and ordered the Herb Tea Blemish Calming Mask and the well reviewed Caoloin Pore Original Mask. We will see what I think of the products and I will report back! Use this code to order and you will get $10 off! 
  • Forever adding pins to my dream home inspiration board. This living room: simply elegant perfection. 
  • If you have been checking snapchat stories are have been on instagram at all this week then I am sure you have spotted Ouai Haircare. So I am curious, any thoughts?! Of course I love the minimal branding and packaging but I am unsure how great the product is as good as it seems to be. 
  • So fun to see the home of the popular blogger Damsel in Dior/Jacey Duprie's Los Angeles home over on MyDomaine. I love the simplicity of her bathroom and then her closet...amazing. 
  • There is an amazing giveaway over on the Tata Harper Skincare blog, Angel Road. So many perfect gifts for Valentine's day! 

Happy Saturday! xo

Brooklyn Brownstone

There is something about a brownstone in a city that is just perfect. Perhaps because that seems to be the ideal home in a city, as though you have truly made it and been successful if you can afford a brownstone. Whatever it is, I am always drawn to images of townhouses. This home belongs to Rony Vardi, the founder of the acclaimed Brooklyn boutique, Catbrid. I am struck by the simplicity and coziness of the space, though it is equally minimal and modern. Unlike other home tours, the home looks lived in. From the kitchen to the bathroom, the rooms are simple yet equally perfect. 

“I found myself wanting simple materials like wood, brick, marble, and brass, things that exist in the world and aren’t actually manufactured for a home.” 
"It’s a process and it’s a work in progress, which I love.”