10.3.15 - Hello October

Happy Saturday! I hope that you had a wonderful week. My week was all over the place, with school, my internship, blog work and just life! However, the nice thing is that my weekend basically starts on Thursday nights (got to love college and having not having class on Fridays.) When I only really have a four day week, it is no wonder it flies by. And then the week led into an exciting weekend because my mom came up to Vermont to visit for a few days. As she is my number one partner in crime, I love it when we are together! What are you all up to this weekend, any fun plans? 

As per usual with my post to wrap up the week, here are a few links from around the web that I am loving. 

  • And just like that, it is October. Hello Autumn! 
  • All of J.Crew's emails this week about their many sales...I just couldn't resist. I grabbed this classic quilted vest in cream. Perfect for the fall, right?! 
  • Loved seeing Mackenzie, from Design Darling, regram my instagram from earlier in the week. My gold and acrylic stapler is one of my favorite pieces on my desk. 
  • I am trying to be better about catching up on the news each morning...so I have been making sure to at least read my Skimm emails every morning, instead of skipping over them like I sometimes do (shhh..dont tell!) 
  • One of my favorite home + decor stores, Biscuit, is having a major sale! 
  • Annie's heartfelt blog post was one of my favorite reads of the whole week.  
  • This perfect fall jacket is one of my newest additions to my closet. Love the green hue and you can't beat the price - under $50!  

Blue & White in New York City - J+G Designs


If you read Simply Elegant often, than you most likely know that blue and white is my favorite color combination. There is just nothing better in my book! However, when decorating an interior in blue and white, it is hard to find the right balance.  You don't want to use all the same hue of blue and you want the space to have interest and be unique.

Jennifer Hunter and Georgie Hambright of J&G Designs have the mixing of blue and white down to a science. Their design of an apartment in New York City's Financial District is perfection. Full of various hues of blue, the space feels bright and welcoming. One thing I know is that I will be bookmarking this away for future inspiration! 

What about you, do you have a favorite color combination for interiors? 


Design by J&G Designs.    Photographs by Brittany Aldridge for Domino.  Featured on Domino. 

Back in Vermont

Simply Elegant Blog - JCrew, Old Navy, Vermont

At the Shelburne Farms Fall Harvest Festival - White Denim Jacket,      Black Dress (great price!)    Sandals,     Necklace

Clementine Store Vermont - Sycamore Street, Captain Blackship

I gathered together a few of my favorite items from the most amazing small store, Clementine. Items: Card,   Lip Tint,   Ribbon,   Ring,   Your Cute,   Hair Oil   &   Ceramic Dish. 

Simply Elegant Blog - Vermont Wild Flowers

I picked up some colorful flowers from a farm stand down the road. Don't you love all the bright colors. This is truly the most beautiful time of year in Vermont. 

College Dorm Room - Preppy, Decorated, Blue, Dorm Design

Working on making this house (dorm) into a home.  Here is a little sneak peek of my dorm room this year. 

Oh my gosh, have the last two weeks just flown by, or what?! Sorry for the radio silence here on the blog, I have been busy getting settled back into the school year. It is crazy to think that this is my last year I am moving into a college dorm. Senior year is here, and like everyone warned me, the past three years flew by and I can't believe that I am already a senior. I hope that this year is the best one yet! So far it has been off to a wonderful start! (We will just see what happens when all my school work really starts to kick in...) 

My blog posts here on Simply Elegant might be a bit fewer and far between this fall, so please stick with me :)    I want to make sure that I enjoy and experience as much as possible this last year in Vermont. While my main focus will be on school work and friends I still hope to pop into the blog now and then. But of course, I always love to share my latest inspirations and finds with you all, so I am sure I will find the time to blog!! 


Simply Elegant // Paris Streets and Windowboxes

Happy Monday!

This week marks the end of my summer because I am back at college and classes start on Wednesday. This year is my senior year, sort of crazy to think about it...or to be true, I am just sort of ignoring that fact, I am not quite ready to face it. I have had such a wonderful summer in Maine, New York and a great European vacation to end it all. I am sad to see the dog days of summer come to an end. However, it was certainly a year for the books, a perfect summer! 


Here are a few articles I am currently reading, podcasts I am listening to, items I am eyeing and more. 

- I had a bit of a 'pinch me' moment this week when One Kings Lane regrammed my photo above of the streets of Paris as part of their #howihue campaign. 

- It was fun to read a bit more about Blaire Eddie of the iconic fashion blog, Atlantic Pacific, in an interview featuring the normally very private blogger. 

-Molly's outfit post from this week has me thinking I need to head over to Old Navy to find some wallet friendly pieces. 

-I listened to the first 'Oh Boy' podcast created by the Manrepeller featuring the founder Leandra Medine to start off the podcast series. I like it and I am excited to try out a few more. 

- Speaking of Leandra Medine, I also watched Into The Gloss's first Top Shelf live panel with Leandra, Kate Young, and Elaine Welteroth. 

-Jessica Alba has expanded her natural product empire to include skincare and beauty in the newly released Honest Beauty. I work to try to use all natural skincare products, so I am excited to try out some of the products. One of the items I ordered was their mascara, because I have yet to find a chemical free mascara..and with something that can get in your eyes..I would much rather use a natural product. 

-Have you started your fall shopping? I am love with all of the new arrivals at Madewell...there are just too many good pices to chose from. How great is this coat? I tried to keep my self restrained and order this basic long sleeve because I live in pieces like this at school. 

What has caught your eye around the web?

Blue & White

Blue & White Favorites / Appointed, Everyone, St. James, Cuyana

How do you all use Pinterest? While I constantly use pinterst as a visual inspiration board where I collect images that catch my eye from around the web. I also use it as catch all for all the items I currently love or am eyeing. As a visual person, it is a great way to build up a shopping wishlist. A lot of pieces that I am currently loving are blue and white, but that is really no surprise, as they are my favorite colors. What are you loving right now? 

Appointed Navy Notebook: with the new school year upon us, if you are need of a new notebook I highly suggest this perfect option. Classic and chic, it is the perfect item to take your school supplies up a notch. (You can also get the notebook monogramed!) 

Everlane Box-Cut Tee: As I pack for school and get ready for the new fall season, I usually do a big closet clean out. One piece that I am in need of, a classic white t-shirt. I have heard rave reviews of this style from Everyone so I am planning on giving it a try. 

Loren Hope Kaylee Necklace: Because who doesn't need a little added sparkle! Loren Hope just released some of their new pieces for the season. Not only are the new designs beautiful but so is their new lookbook. 

One Kings Lane Kimber White Nightstand:  I am making a few changes to my bedroom at home and I am looking for new nightstands for both sides of my bed. This white and gold option might be perfect. 

Rag & Bone Leather Trimmed Wool Hat: It seems that Wool Hats are going to be everywhere this season. I had a similar navy hat last winter from Anthropologie, but I can't seem to find it. Might have to replace it with this beauty. 

Cuyana Leather Travel Case Set in Ecru:  The new color ways for fall in Cuyana's leather accessory line is on point. I use the leather cases I have from them daily, the small one is always in my purse and the larger size is my go to for weekend trips. Right now I have Blue (surprise, surprise) but I am loving this creamy white hue. (Side note, these make a great gift!) 

Saint James Navy and White Shirt: While we were in Paris, my mom and I made sure to stop in our favorite store for all things stripes, Saint James. When we were there I picked up another long sleeve striped shirt, a classic. 

One Kings Lane Faux Peonies: On first glance, don't these blooms look like the real thing? One of my favorite things about being home in the summer is all the fresh flowers my mom has scattered throughout our house. It is something I really miss when I am away at school, so a faux vase of flowers could be perfect. 

Back from Paris & London

Simply Elegant / Paris Vacation Photographs - Seine River
Simply Elegant / Paris Vacation Photographs - Bike Basket
Simply Elegant / Paris Vacation Photographs - Fresh Roses
Simply Elegant / Paris Vacation Photographs - Luxembourg Gardens


I am back from my family vacation and wanted to stop in and share a few pictures. It was such a wonderful trip, an amazing treat from my parents! If you followed along on instagram, you probably saw from my many pictures (sorry for potentially over-gramming) that I was in Paris and London. We had jammed packed days in both cities, as we tried to see as much of the city as we could. While we were in France we went to many spots within the city, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle and more, but we also traveled outside the city to Normandy and Versailles. So we were quite busy, but we also had a good amount of time to simply wander throughout the city, try different restaurants and cafes, and do a little shopping! Then we headed over to London for three days to finish off the trip. We slowed down on the sightseeing once we were in London, but as my mom and I are both huge fans and followers of the royal family, we went on a tour of Buckingham palace! 

It was such a wonderful change of pace and scenery to be away in Europe for a week. I always find vacations to be so inspirational and simply a breath of fresh air. It was a treat to be able to step out of your day to day life, ignore your emails, be with family and explore a different environment. I was lucky to visit so many places that I had learned about in my art history classes. While relaxing vacations to tropical locations can be wonderful, I always feel that there can be a much bigger takeaway when you travel to a historic city. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more detailed blog posts on my favorite moments and places in both Paris and London. But for now, here are a few of my favorite images from the trip. 

Simply Elegant / Paris Vacation Photographs - Seine River
Simply Elegant / Paris Vacation Photographs - Versailles Petit Trianon
Simply Elegant / Paris Vacation Photographs - Versailles Gardens
Simply Elegant / London Vacation Photographs - Changing Guards
Simply Elegant / London Vacation Photographs - South Kensington Homes

- all images taken by Nan for Simply Elegant Blog -