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As the weather get colder, I have transitioned my wardrobe into my favorite fall style…skinny jeans and sweaters. Almost day in and day out this is my uniform. Cozy and comfortable but also so versatile depending on your jeans, sweater and accessories. While I have a good collection of classic skinny jeans, I have been loving the slightly distressed black denim that I have seen popping up on fashion blogs and around the web. So my latest wish list item, the perfect pair of dark black denim jeans that are slightly distressed. Below I have rounded up some of the pairs I am thinking about, right now my top contenders are a basic pair from J.Crew or the Mother Denim option that Sloane, from Sailing The Sea of Style, suggests.

Weekend Links

I have a thing with floors, tiled floor, instagram

Happy weekend everyone!! I hope that you all are enjoying the wonderful time that weekends often grant us, the time to move away from work (or school) and take a breather. I am sure that all of us all have commitments throughout the weekends, but those extra little extended moments of calm are always so welcomed. Something as little as not having to set an alarm on Saturday morning is such a wonderful little treat.

– Do you all follow @IHaveAThingForFloors on instagram? It is one of my favorite new accounts to follow. This week they re-posted my picture (above) from when I was in Boston last week. How wonderful is the tile floor at Cafe Madeleine. 

-I found my self over on the Lonny site this week, after not having checked it out in a while…are you all still reading Lonny regularly? I seemed to have switched back to Domino a bit. However, it was fun to see some of their latest features, I loved this beautiful country home. 

– Treated my self (wooops!) to a great Vince sweater that I found over on Saks Off 5th. With a 40% off coupon code (40FORYOU) I just couldn’t resist!

– I am a huge believer in supporting local shops, for example my love for Clementine Store up here in Middlebury, VT. I was so excited to see Emily, the owner of Clementine, as one of Etsy Wholesale’s Featured Boutiques for Small Shop Saturday (November 29th.) Not only was it great to see Emily, but also Sofi from one of my favorite Boston shops, Olives & Grace.

– One of my best friends was looking for a dress for a upcoming party she has and she found so many great options on Zara. I quickly headed over to Zara’s site to take a look, and I am loving this wool and leather dress or this simple black shift. 

– I am so excited for Molly, from Dreams in HD, and her new Etsy shop of her beautiful travel photographs. I am eyeing this beautiful picture from Paris. 


- image taken by Nan for Simply Elegant Blog Instagram – 

Perfect Jackets for Fall

fall outerwear jackets, joules quilted jacket, ali ro jacket, current elliott twill jacket1. Current/Elliott Jacket (same in Green)      2. Madewell Military Anorak  (or this from J.Crew)        3. Joules Quilted Jacket (love the burgundy color, similar from J.Crew)        4. Ali Ro Anorak Blue  (Mine is tan) 

With this crazy warm weather for October (we are talking 70 degrees up in New England) I have been wearing my favorite lightweight jackets non-stop the past few weeks. I love this time of year, where you can wear layers..but you are not bundled up like you are in the depths of winter.

Day in and day out I have been reaching for my Ali Ro lightweight jacket or my quilted jacket from J.Crew. I have been wearing these both so much that I was looking around online for another simple jacket to add to my closet. I don’t have a simple military jacket, so I am eyeing something similar to this Madewell version. They seem like such a classic that are on trend year after year. Then I also came across this tan jacket from Current/Elliott, I love the unique style.

Do you all have favorite light jackets that you wear on these warmer fall days?

Weekend in Maine

Fall Weekend in Maine, Instagram Pictures, Portland Maine Fall Weekend in Maine, Instagram Pictures, Portland Maine Simply Elegant Blog, College Blogger, Barbour Jacket College – Black Barbour Jacket (borrowing from my mom!) – J.Crew Grey Merino Swing Sweater – Pink Pashmina, old (similar here or here) – James JeansTod’s Driving Moccasin -

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Long Weekend Sales

Columbus Day Shopping Sales, Shopping Sale Favorites from Simply Elegant Blog1. Monica Vinader Quartz Necklace (40% off)     2. Clare Viver Need Wallet  (25% off with 25AUTUMN)    3. Steven Alan Silk Dress (20% off OCT20)    4. Giles & Brother Railroad Spike Cuff (20% off with FALL20)   5. Navy Superga Sneakers  (20% off with FALL20)      6. Loeffler Randall Clutch (20% off with FALL20)      7. Madewell Linen Tee in Stripe (30% off with OHFALL)

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Columbus Day weekend! I am up for Maine for the weekend with my family and it is so nice to be home. As I am sure you have all seen, in your clogged up inbox’s, every website shop has a Columbus Day weekend sale…eeekk it is all so tempting! 20% off or more..its pulling me in! But I am trying to restrain myself from any unthoughtful purchases. However, I have found a collection of great pieces that I have been eyeing in the past few months that are now on sale! Flash sales like this can by tricky, I am sure that we have all been there; you bought that sweater because it was 30% off but then in the end never wore it. It has happened to everyone…but it is something that is important to be conscious of!

As my dad likes to remind me, “just because it is on sale, does not mean that it is free!” And I think that sentiment is so key to remember when shopping sales. Would you buy the piece otherwise? So instead of sharing all the pieces that I would wish to have in my ideal closet, I want to share the pieces that I am truly considering!

Have you all looked through all the sales this weekend? What pieces are on your list? Check out this list of major sales to see a great collection.

a matter of time

Simply Elegant Blog photography, fresh flower arrangements, 200 lemons flowersSimply Elegant Blog photography, fresh flower arrangements, 200 lemons flowers
Oh the ebbs and flows of life… Do you all ever have those days where you just get stuck, where one little thing goes wrong and it completely changes your mood. Realistically it was nothing earth shattering..but something that you can’t seem to get over? Yesterday I had one of those days – one little thing, one conversation later and my whole day seemed to have fallen apart. Like a flip of a switch all of my thoughts were focused on this one thing, taking over all of my attention and energy. At times like this, when I step back, I can usually acknowledge that my frantic thoughts are not realistic and necessary. But the next step is to act on that, to let it go, move on and continue with your day… but that is often easier said than done.  I often find that I need to step away from whatever I am doing, taking 30 minutes to stop and refresh.

Yesterday I decided that my distractive remedy would be grabbing a coffee in town. To leave the midd-term anxious world of the college library, and go get a coffee at Cursive in town, which of course led me to stop next door into my favorite shop, Clementine. On Thursdays and Fridays, Clementine offers a little something special, fresh flower arrangements by Megan of 200Lemons. What a great surprise and added bonus to my coffee excursion. Twenty minutes later, I had my coffee, these beautiful flowers (pictured above) and the kind words of Megan and Emily on my mind. In that little amount of time and through those simple acts I was able to move past my crazy mood from earlier in the day.

A great reminder that everything is a matter of time, that emotions and feeling pass, it could be as simple as a few minutes, a few days or longer. But in the end we keep going! This is something I constantly seem to forget during hard moments; but in the coming weeks, I am going to consciously work on remember that all things pass with time and to focus on the positives. To work to find the simple ways that I can improve my day, my mood and my life! Do you all ever get stuck in these funky moods? Any good tips or tricks for moving on?

I hope that you all have a wonderful, relaxing and refreshing weekend. After this past week (and my morning yesterday) I am so excited to be home for the long weekend and simply relax!

- photographs taken by Nan for Simply Elegant Blog –